As landscape ecologists, we address your issues by conducting customized studies and developing specific written summaries, informative maps and data, and associated recommendations. We specialize in working with land owners and land management agencies to address conditions and management of fire and fuels, livestock grazing, wildlife habitat, watersheds, natural resource inventories, and crop and soil management.

Our expertise ranges from local to continental scale natural resource and fuel and fire management projects where we have conducted analyses and produced publications.  We have been lead scientists in development of classifications and mapping of natural fire regimes, analyses of fuels and fire behavior, watershed system dynamics, and ecological inventories. In addition, we have developed and conducted one-on-one or team decision support discussions, classroom training, webinar information transfer, and online training modules to transfer knowledge related to our specialties. 

Contact us to discuss your specific land, ranch, or farm management issues. In discussions we can share with you results from projects we have conducted that will help you understand the benefits of acquiring our consulting expertise.  We can help you identify your issues and customize a contract to produce results at a cost within your budget. 

Please read our resume’s to gain understanding of the multiple decades of experience that we can bring to your table to address your issues.

Wendel J. Hann, PhD - Resume
Cecilia H. McNicoll, M.S. - Resume