AGA Certified Angus

When you purchase our AGA certified Angus beef we guarantee the following:

  • Best tasting grassfed Angus beef with a highly desirable balanced ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fats, and that is because they eat fresh green grass every day!
  • Supplemental hay for winter and for breeding season mama cow nutrition is natural grass-clover or alfalfa (no protein tubs or cattle cubes)
  • All the animals are born and raised on our ranch until harvest.
  • No hormones, no antibiotics, no grain at any time
  • No pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used on the grazing pastures
  • Highest degree of animal welfare is provided to all animals on the ranch. We haul them to the processor ourselves to be sure they are treated humanely.
  • No herbicides are used, we use hand pulling, intensive cattle management, goats and sheep to control undesirable plants
  • Animals are raised in an environment that coexists with all wildlife – we use our Maremma guard dog for predator management because we are all connected on this planet.